Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cheese and Wine

This post is not a recipe but more a description of what we had for dinner tonight.

Cheese, wine, bread, and fruit

Dan and I decided to spend the morning down town and walk through the market and soak up some sun. It was wonderful! We browsed the market, had a beer on a patio and of course checked out some of the shops down town. One of the stores we went into was a cheese shop (one of our favorites). While we were browsing we found some brie with a truffle center.
My first experience eating anything with truffles was when Dan and I went to Las Vegas in the spring and I had some truffled potato's, and let me tell you, those were the absolute best potato's I have ever had in my life. Since then I have been on the look out for a store that sells truffles with no luck.
Anyways, so we found this cheese and decided we had to try it. Now what goes better with cheese then wine? Not a whole lot, though a fresh baguette is a close runner up.
AND VOILA dinner was planned. There seemed to be no better way to end our day then wine, cheese, and bread.

(mmm truffle brie) 
Making a cheese plate is such a good way to try new kinds of cheese, or just enjoy favorites. Pick out one or a few different kinds of cheese, grab some fresh bread, add some dried fruit and/or fresh fruit, some nuts and your favorite bottle of wine and you are set.

Tonight we used, the brie with truffle we found, some sliced up apple, dried cherry's, almonds, and a baguette. We added a bottle of red wine on the side that my aunt left us when she came to visit this week.

I sliced the baguette and rubbed each piece with fresh garlic, drizzled it with olive oil and a very small amount of freshly ground pepper. I placed them in the over on 350 F for about 5min then broiled until the bread was just crispy on the outside but still a little bit soft inside. 

Throw it all on a platter and enjoy.

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